Tips for Sand Blasting Classic Car Parts

If you need to really get rid of that rust, grease, dirt, oil and road grime – or prepare that fresh new metal for priming and painting – you are going to need to blast that vehicle.

Blasting extends the life of your vehicle by giving it a thorough cleanse which can extend the life of its parts by years. For classic or vintage cars blasting can help achieve a truly smooth, sleek, shiny metallic surface for that showroom look.

If you’re thinking of restoring a classic car, you might be faced with older mechanical parts that are in perfect working condition, but have a heavy coat of rust or chipped paint that at first glance seems impossible to remove, even with a healthy dose of hot water and detergent. Fortunately, there’s a do-it-yourself solution available that can have your car parts looking like new in no time.

Sandblasting – so called even though sand is no longer used – is a method of removing rust and old paint by spraying abrasive particles through a pressurized nozzle. Stay tuned next week to discover invaluable tips that will help you sandblast your classic car parts back into perfect shape.